Don’t Forget Your Bib

The TGIF Circle At The Horas Hash Weekend

The Hash Circle is one of the most fun parts of the hash traditions and most serious hashes will hold a circle.

After the run has finished and runners have replenished their hydration levels and maybe had a bite to eat the GM will call Hash Circle.

The Circle is where the hashers form a circle and, initially, the GM stands in the middle and recaps recent events, both relevant to the hash and things that have nothing at all to do with hashing but with a little massaging of the events and in some way, an inclusion of a hash member present, a comical version can be manifested. . . . .

The Circle at Medan Hash House Harriers – 50th Anniversary

Each such “charge” against the individual, or group, may be challenged with a defense, but rarely will a defense be successful. The resulting penalty will be a down-down of a glass of beer.

After any given number of charges by the GM he may call for the Stewards Report, whereby the Hash Steward will take control of the circle and continue with charging for any indiscretions he may have knowledge of.
The only difference is that there is no defense against any charge levied by the Hash Steward. Many try, but few are allowed. 🙂 🙂

When the Steward has exhausted his charges he will hand control back to the GM and be rewarded for a ‘Good Report’ with a glass of beer.

The cycle then begins again until the GM is ready for the Hash Cash Report.

The hash cash report is where newcomers are welcomed (with a beer), recent comers are named (with a hash name), and significant milestones (100 runs, 500 runs etc.) for individual hashers are acknowledged and rewarded with a plaque, pewterware, or other, and a glass of beer. Or any other relevant hash cash business is stated.

After GM takes control of the circle again at some point he can call for charges from the floor whereas hashers in the circle may levy a charge.

At an appropriate time, the GM will call ‘Social Drinking’  and thereby the circle ends.

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