Don’t Forget Your Footwear

Hashers In The Wild

The Hash Run may be considered the second most important part of hashing if one follows the paradigm ‘Hash Is A Drinking Club With A Running Problem’. 🙂 🙂
The significance of the run cannot be underestimated though. It provides the metabolic stimulus to the system that allows for enjoyment for the rest of the evening.

Where ever the run may be, the trail will be marked using some means, by “The Hare”, be it shredded paper (disappears quite quickly in the rain forests of our area), flour (careful of “Karens” reporting it as some sort of terrorist plot if in built-up areas) or chalk, maybe. {** do NOT use spray paint **}. . . . .


“The Run” is not just a mad scramble to see who can run the fastest but more of a team effort. Remember always, Hash is not supposed to be a competitive sport but a bid to get everyone back to the finishing point together, and each in one piece.

While on the run you may hear calling out through the thicket of jungle or round the street corner, depending on the run location.
The calls of a single hasher or group:

  • Are you? (Ay-you)  =  a lone hasher or group wanting to know if the runners ahead are on the marked trail. Often used if there is a fork in the path.
  • On-On  =  Shouted back to hashers behind to signify that they are on the marked trail.
  • Checking  =  The hashers in front have lost the trail markers and are checking different possibilities. Join in the search when you catch up.
  • Onnn-On (shouted at top of voice)  =  Somebody has found the trail markers again.
  • Falsie  =  Somebody has followed the markers down a trail then the markers stop, indicating a tricky hare has cheated you.

Run Types;

  • A to A = Starts and finishes at the same location.
  • A to B = Starts at the registration site and finishes at a different location. (usually only used on specials where you may have coaches or buses available.
  • B to A = Runners bused to a location away from the finish point which is usually the hotel for a special event.


When you return to the run site (assuming an A to A run) depending on the hash and/or the hares there maybe food and refreshments.

In Medan, there would be no maybe as it is our tradition to supply plentiful food, beer and water to replenish runners on return.
And that is the most important part!

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