Plan For Your Hashing Environment

A Group Photo From A Philly Hash

If you’re considering joining a hash run and you’ve never participated before then you need to prepare for the type of hash you will be ‘running’ with. Running is used collectively for any kind of movement from spot ‘A’ (the start) to spot ‘B’ (the finish) as at hash you can run, walk, short-cut, long-cut or anything else in between. Be advised that short-cutting is at your own risk and long-cutting is usually the result of a short-cut gone wrong.

The first thing you will need is a decent pair of trainers to run in. If we assume a hypothetical that you are an energetic semi-fit sort of person attending a Medan style hash then you may want to wear long training trousers for men, long leggings for ladies. It helps keep your legs somewhat clean if the trail is muddy but also protects against nicks and scratches if you go off track.

Assuming a trail as described above you will be well served to bring a change of clothing as well. No need to worry about changing in privacy. If you are hashing in Medan area we have many well defined run sites that are equipped with multiple toilets and washing/changing cubicles, all erected by locals to provide a service to our many hash chapters.


What Are The Rules?

Each hash has an appointed leader that is chosen every year by the outgoing committee, along with a new incoming committee that organizes the running of each hash chapter. These leaders are the GM’s (Grand Master) and GL’s (Grand Lady) of the hash.

So the rules are, basically, and may vary from hash to hash;

1) The GM/GL is always right

2) In the case of disagreement refer to rule number one

3) There is no defense against a charge in the circle from the Hash Steward

4) Singing in the circle is obligatory

5) Payment of the run fee should be made before the run starts

6) Late payment of run fee is a chargeable offense


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