Who are Medan Hash House Harriers & Harriettes

Why do we love hashing

The hash in Medan started in 1973 from humble beginnings of a few expats some of whom had previously joined the hash in Jakarta (the capital city of Indonesia for those that didn’t know).

The Jakarta Hash traces its roots back to Singapore Hash, which in turn traces back to Mother Hash which is where it all started with a group of expats who frequented the Royal Selangor Club in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The founders, Albert Stephen Gispert and friends started the Hash House Harriers in 1938, not long before the start of World War II (ten months before), as a way of clearing their heads from their beer indulgent weekends.


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The Royal Selangor Club Circa 1938

Young Or Old

Male or Female

Hashing is for everyone to enjoy

While hashing started as a men only pastime, and there are many hash chapters that still stick to the boys-only afternoon frolic ideal. Uncountable hash’s now welcome all commers. Men, women, boys & girls, the fit and not so fit, there’s a spot for everyone.


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So You Want To Join Hash

What Do You need, Where to go

Each hash is unique, some can be a men only drink fest but they are becoming more of a rarity now-a-days, with the drink-driving laws curbing such frivolities.
So remember, hash is a very informal place where there are few restrictions. Join with an open mind and a sense of fun and you are bound to enjoy (No Karens though, unless it’s your real name 🙂 )

You can run, walk, short cut or anything in-between. You will need running shoes and probably a change of clothes, unless you plan to have a leisurely stroll only.

In Medan, we run occasionally through the streets (rarely) through to running in semi-jungle, which can entail wading through rivers, shiggy (swamp), forrest tracks and mud holes. So be prepared for a little mud.

You will be expected to pay a run fee on arrival at the hash site. This run fee may or may not include such things as; beer, soft drinks food or snacks. Depends on the hash, and sometimes it depends on the hare.