The Hash Bib

Some of the bibs accumulated over the years

The Hash Bib tradition is not followed by all hashes but Medan Hash House Harriers adhere to its use rather strictly

A Hash Name is given to a new hasher after joining three hash runs. This name will be used while the individual is at the hash meet and at all times while in the hash circle.
New members may wish to choose their own hash name but that will not happen.
A new hasher will be named during the Hash Circle. Hashers will be invited to suggest appropriate (or inappropriate names if they so wish ) but the final decision rests with the GM.

Names may be based on the profession, some notable deed in the past, a look-a-like resemblance or any other foible that one may have . . . . .


Having received a hash name a bib will be placed on order and when received, it will be presented complete with embroidered hash name, by Hash Cash in the hash circle.
Hash bibs are expected to be worn at all times during the hash circle.

Besides personal hash bibs, committee members will receive a bib with their hash name and committee position at the commencement of a new committee.

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