The Hash Bib

Some of the bibs accumulated over the years

The Hash Bib tradition is not followed by all hashes but Medan Hash House Harriers adhere to its use rather strictly

A Hash Name is given to a new hasher after joining three hash runs. This name will be used while the individual is at the hash meet and at all times while in the hash circle.
New members may wish to choose their own hash name but that will not happen.
A new hasher will be named during the Hash Circle. Hashers will be invited to suggest appropriate (or inappropriate names if they so wish ) but the final decision rests with the GM.

Names may be based on the profession, some notable deed in the past, a look-a-like resemblance or any other foible that one may have . . . . . Read more >

The Hare


The hare is a single hasher, a pair of hashers, or a group of hashers who reconnoiter (reccé) a route for an upcoming hash run. The hare(s) will then lay a trail from the run site through the local terrain, using shredded paper or whatever environmentally friendly medium is chosen, to guide the runners through the aforementioned terrain.

[Where ever the run may be, it will be marked by some means, be it shredded paper (disappears quite quickly in the rain forests of our area), flour (careful of “Karens” reporting it as some sort of terrorist plot if in built up areas) or chalk, maybe. {** do NOT use spray paint **}]

When performing the reccé the hare will be looking for good places to fool the runners on the day.
As country people will know a hare being chased is very cunning and will leap in the air to beak the scent trails so making it more difficult to follow. A hare will also double back on its trail to further confuse the pursuer. . . . . . Read more >

Don’t Forget Your Footwear

Hashers In The Wild

The Hash Run may be considered the second most important part of hashing if one follows the paradigm ‘Hash Is A Drinking Club With A Running Problem’. 🙂 🙂
The significance of the run cannot be underestimated though. It provides the metabolic stimulus to the system that allows for enjoyment for the rest of the evening.

Where ever the run may be, the trail will be marked using some means, by “The Hare”, be it shredded paper (disappears quite quickly in the rain forests of our area), flour (careful of “Karens” reporting it as some sort of terrorist plot if in built-up areas) or chalk, maybe. {** do NOT use spray paint **}. . . . . Read more >

Don’t Forget Your Bib

The TGIF Circle At The Horas Hash Weekend

The Hash Circle is one of the most fun parts of the hash traditions and most serious hashes will hold a circle.

After the run has finished and runners have replenished their hydration levels and maybe had a bite to eat the GM will call Hash Circle.

The Circle is where the hashers form a circle and, initially, the GM stands in the middle and recaps recent events, both relevant to the hash and things that have nothing at all to do with hashing but with a little massaging of the events and in some way, an inclusion of a hash member present, a comical version can be manifested. . . . .

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Plan For Your Hashing Environment

A Group Photo From A Philly Hash

If you’re considering joining a hash run and you’ve never participated before then you need to prepare for the type of hash you will be ‘running’ with. Running is used collectively for any kind of movement from spot ‘A’ (the start) to spot ‘B’ (the finish) as at hash you can run, walk, short-cut, long-cut or anything else in between. Be advised that short-cutting is at your own risk and long-cutting is usually the result of a short-cut gone wrong.

The first thing you will need is a decent pair of trainers to run in. If we assume a hypothetical that you are an energetic semi-fit sort of person attending a Medan style hash then you may want to wear long training trousers for men, long leggings for ladies. It helps keep your legs somewhat clean if the trail is muddy but also protects against nicks and scratches if you go off track.

Assuming a trail as described above you will be well served to bring a change of clothing as well. No need to worry about changing in privacy. If you are hashing in Medan area we have many well defined run sites that are equipped with multiple toilets and washing/changing cubicles, all erected by locals to provide a service to our many hash chapters.

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